Over 100 different wines, covering a spectrum of varietals and worlds


Our Philosophy

Sharing & Caring

Our wine list is a manifesto to time, place and people. It is the combination of those key factors that bring the concept of ‘’Terroir’’. It is what makes every wine unique and every bottle special. Not only is it a matter of when, where and who produced the delicious nectar, but also a matter of the setting you enjoy your wine in. Who are you sharing this bottle with? What are you celebrating? And how is the view there? Those are all imperatives to the better enjoyment of wine and dining in general. 

We believe wine is a vehicle to sharing stories, enjoying the good times and celebrating life. Excitement. Discovery. Ecstasy. It is those emotions we strive to bring to your table. Few places are more important than those where you build long lasting memories with your loved ones, and the table is certainly one of those. We hope the Sensory can be just that, your table.

We believe that, just like food, great wines start with great ingredients and that great winemaking starts with great farming. This is why we choose to focus on human-scale grower-winemaker wines. What we want is organic fermented grape juice with as little chemicals or add-ons as possible. We are on a quest for environmentally friendly farming practices that produces utterly delicious wines, no compromises. 

Looking forward to enjoying great wines in your company.