Head Chef Tracy Little

Born and raised in Northern Alberta, Tracy learned early the facts of life in hunting, fishing, and foraging that accompanied them.  Her father previously a farmer and a forester, she looked up to him and her grandfather, soaking up information and growing closer to the world around her.

Tracy moved to London, Ontario to attend school and experience life in the lights of the big cities like Toronto and New York where she learned through eating, exploring the kitchens of, and staging at respectable establishments such as WD50 and Dirt Candy.  Even just to enjoy a meal at a restaurant such as Per Se is under looked by some since to a Chef it is a course in execution, flavour and arrangement.  

Ready to return to her roots, she returned to Alberta.  Working at places like the Rimrock, Sage Bistro, Crazyweed and Baker Creek Mountain Resort, it has always been her goal to ensure that her skills were being cultivated and she was ensuring every customer experience resounds in the minds of guests with the scenery.  In 2016 she won the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Food Games in Los Angeles, the sole representative of Canada, and judged by the likes of Dominique Crenn.

Located in the heart of Canmore, with panoramic Views of the Rocky Mountains


Immerse yourself in a sensory experience. From the mountainscapes to the locally foraged ingredients, The Sensory offers diners a fresh perspective on Canadian cuisine